NLW Partners consults with treatment facilities and institutions of higher education on the best practices of addiction recovery, education, and research. President Dr. Kitty Harris, along with Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jared P. Dempsey are actively engaged in medical and behavioral research to assist in developing new technologies and solutions for companies seeking consolation services. NLW Partners also provide comprehensive statistical and neuroscientific consultation services.


Jared Dempsey Ph.D. and Kitty Harris Ph.D., are actively involved in research, education, and consultation. Their recent publications include preliminary evidence for a biological marker of addiction recovery utilizing functional near-infrared spectroscopy. By identifying a robust biological marker, we as a field will be better able to refine treatments and objectively track recovery at a neurological level.

Building Resilience for Students


AlphaPoint.Me addresses the core areas in a student’s life to promote resilience. The focus of this program revolves around substance use, mental health, diversity, relationships, and civility. AlphaPoint.Me is a 90-minute program for incoming students that assists colleges and universities in meeting Title IX, Clery Act, and EDGAR Part 86 requirements. Customizable interfaces, assessments, and content delivery provides a comprehensive approach for each school. The program utilizes an engaging online video series, including interactive modules, which optimize learning and behavior change. The content was created by a consortium of professors, scientists, and practitioners with direct experience working with collegiate populations. All of our experts have numerous peer-reviewed publications in their respective fields.

AlphaPoint.Solutions is an online sanction program for college students who experience difficulties with substance use, behaviors, or violation of school policy. The Solutions portfolio extends the AlphaPoint.Me series providing a science-based experiential tool. Our video-based Solutions program provides the necessary components for several critical areas including: Balance (alcohol and drugs), Relationships (sexual assault and harassment), and Diversity (inclusiveness and tolerance).


The opportunity to experience recovery from substance use disorders is now available in an electronically mediated and interactive format. We have three comprehensive online programs which provide early intervention, intensive treatment, and continuing care. These programs are in the process of becoming CARF accredited.



Kitty Harris, Ph.D., LCDC, LMFT

President and CEO

Dr. Kitty Harris Wilkes serves as President of NLW Partners, which is dedicated to consulting, education, science and research for addiction recovery. She is a noted author and public speaker, and presents at national conferences, workshops and seminars on topics including adolescence; collegiate addiction and recovery; and communication, civility and leadership.


Jared P. Dempsey, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Dempsey is the Chief Science Officer of NLW Partners. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, as well as a clinical residency and post-doctoral specialization in addiction science from the Medical University of South Carolina. He has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles on addiction and has served as an expert reviewer for some of the top addiction journals.


Morris Wilkes

Strategic Consultant

Morris Wilkes founded and owns The Wilkes Company, a strategic communication consulting firm and is associated with NLW Partners.  He is a certified public speaker, trainer and executive coach on communication and leadership. According to Harvard Business Review: “The #1 criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is an ability to communicate effectively.”  The speaking and training seminars can help you improve your communication and leadership skills. His experience as a journalist, writer, broadcaster and government relations-public policy advocate allows him to provide a superior level of expertise.


Caleb Herrera

Project Manager

Caleb is a student at Texas Tech University and his goal is pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. He is currently a laboratory manager at the Foundation for Recovery Initiatives and the project manager at NLW Partners. Caleb has extensive research in psychophysiology and neuroimaging research. He is also a named author on a peer-reviewed investigation detailing preliminary evidence for a biological marker of addiction recovery.


Russ Rauber, B.S.

Multimedia Specialist

Russ is the multimedia specialist at NLW Partners. He is also a graduate of Texas Tech University with his B.S. in Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences. His educational path is to complete a master’s in public administration. He is focused on advancing leadership that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations, and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.


Sarah Wilson

Executive Assistant

Sarah is an executive assistant at NLW Partners and is actively involved in product development. She has a special interest in science, particularly astrophysics, and is pursuing a degree in behavioral sciences.


Caulen Ward

Trac9 Specialist

Caulen is a student at Texas Tech University pursing a degree in Chemical Engineering. His goal after graduating is to pursue a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. He is currently the Trac9 Specialist and involved in the platform development.


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